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Below are three examples of my content creation...

1. Social Media Promo

Purpose? To summarise a hotel's selling points.


Idea for Virgin: I'll apply this snappy, fact-packed video format to promote new rewards to customers.


Example: Wine Case Unboxing! An upbeat 15 second video showing each wine, with key messages intercut.

Click here for another case study (60k views).

2. Experience Previews

Purpose? To promote OceanAir Travels' desert safari in a fun, down-to-earth vlog format.

Idea for Virgin: Experience Days currently lack video previews to inspire customers. I'll bring your intangible rewards to life.


Example: Take to the Skies in a Helicopter! A 60 second video briefly sharing what to expect (safety preparation, friendly pilot, emotive reactions and breathtaking views).

Click here for more case studies (600k views).

Short Factual Film

3. Glossy Interviews

Purpose? To summarise My Therapy Assistant.


For You? I've included this example to showcase my ability to produce glossy, multi-camera interviews for Virgin.

Click here for case studies.

Thank you for watching!

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